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XTN Cognitive Security® has entered into a Partnership Agreement with TechnologyINT.
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Boston, October 6th, 2020
XTN Cognitive Security®, the provider of Behavioral-based Threat and Omnichannel Fraud Protection solutions, has entered into a Partnership Agreement with TechnologyINT, a technology integrator, founded in 2012, with a long-time experience in cybersecurity.

Combining TechnologyINT’s relationships and market expertise with the power of the XTN Cognitive Security Platform® will enable the protection of Digital Service Providers in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the US Southeast region, and the users of those services from Fraud.

“We are glad to announce our partnership with TechnologyINT. The XTN Cognitive Security Platform® meets and anticipates the needs of organizations offering digital services to consumers, and it’s able to adapt quickly to the changing threat landscape, using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavioral Biometrics. Starting today, our Cognitive Security Platform® will be tried and tested by Banks, Financial Services Institutions, and other organizations offering Digital Services in those regions, providing a cost-effective and operationally efficient way for those businesses to protect themselves and empowering them to trust their digital users.” Davide Fania, Managing Director, XTN Cognitive Security®.

“Integration & Consulting TechnologyINT is on a constant lookout for new solutions that help organizations confront cybercrime. In this pandemic new era, where virtuality is the norm, protection plays a more important role than ever. The alliance with XTN will greatly help organizations have better logical protection and increase their competitive advantage.” Pedro H.Castillo, CEO and Founder, TechnologyINT.

TechnologyINT is a technology integrator Dominican company, founded in 2012, with presence in Latin America, Caribbean and now the United States. With +500 professionals in forensic computing, technological risks and cybersecurity, and over 25 years of experience in security projects, technological infrastructure and digital transformation, they know first-hand of the fast and constant evolution of cybercrime, partnering in the last few years with financial, government and military fields developing forensic and cybersecurity strategies.
For more information on TechnologyINT, please visit www.technologyint.com or contact informacion@technologyint.net


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