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Our Partnerships are Win-Win. Working with our clients and partners as a team, let us mutually find the best outcomes.


XTN Cognitive Security® drives its sales through partners since we strongly believe that Resellers & System Integrators are the real link between the end customers and the manufactures of the product or service providers.

The XTN Cognitive Security® Reseller Partnership allows partners to provide their clients with a Behavioral-based Omnichannel Fraud Protection Platform, strengthening their portfolio and reputation.

CSP Partnership Program

Partner with us in a technological partnership and create real value through the Cognitive Security Platform® (CSP) Partnership by integrating your products with our platform. By joining forces, we can provide customers with a comprehensive security solution that leverages the power of our platform and your security features.

CSP partnership let you:
• Add value with the integration of your security features
• Take advantage of the Platform components to provide your customer with a complete and effective solution

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