Hardening mobile and web apps from the inside out.

XTN Cognitive Security Platform®’s In-App Protection functionality extends security threat and anti-fraud controls for both web and mobile channels at the endpoint level. The vertical solution, named SEAP® (Smart Endpoint Application Protection), provides a unique, integrated, and powerful way to prevent and block risks when using APPs for digital services. Unlike other market solutions, it does not require particular changes to the application to be protected.

The analysis activity, as well as its management, is centralized. The system aims to collect information, identify security threats by analyzing the context, the user interaction with the device, and the environment within the application. Its technology supports different detection features: technological threats, identity anomalies, continuous behavioral evaluation, and behavioral biometrics capabilities. Finally, the multi-layer analysis provides unprecedented accuracy in spotting endpoint-related risks.

Frictionless User Experience

Our Behavioral In-App Protection technology detects all relevant information from the app without  affecting the user experience and building risk-driven response flows that originate at the server-side, where the trust should be.


Malware Detection

We detect malware in real-time and producing a specific risk score.

Account Takeover Protection

Protect your users’ accounts while maintaining a frictionless journey.

New Account Fraud Protection

Stop fraud during the opening process of new accounts.

Passive Biometrics

The sampling of the biometric element occurs while the user uses the service transparently.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts to monitoring threats. 

3rd Party Services Integration

Easily integrate with other existing systems.


SEAP® detects fraudulent activity taking control of existing user accounts, relying on behavioral biometrics checks and device identity authentication.

SEAP® detects and reports technological threats in mobile device such as jailbreaking and rooting, reverse engineering attempts, binary tampering, repacking. Countermeasures to some of these device conditions can be activated in the app relying on the dedicated RASP APIs.

SEAP® spot out Man-in-the-Middle attacks, anomalous network requests from the client, and TLS related anomalies.

Obfuscation makes the code difficult for the reader to understand using complex roundabout phrases and redundant logic.

SEAP® detects malware activity both in mobile and web Apps. Some examples of the malware threats monitored include Man-in-the-browser and Man-in-the-app attacks, RAT, Web Injections, Overlay attacks, SMS grabbing, Memory Tampering, and Injection attacks.

SEAP® recognizes common technological indicators of new account fraud, such as devices or networks used by multiple users.

Real-time policy changes on checks performed in the device.

SEAP® reports all useful information to the server to allow the client to recognize the threat and take appropriate countermeasures where it matters most.


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Cognitive Security Platform®

Omnichannel and behavioral-based antifraud platform