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We support your digital business with the common goal of building a protective and favorable ecosystem for its growth.
Trusting us means trusting your digital users.


A trusted partnership

We support your digital business with the common goal of building a protective and favorable ecosystem for its growth. Trusting us means trusting your digital users.


Successful outcomes

Our success depends on your success. Our solutions allow you to successfully protect your business and your end-users from any attempted fraud.


Streamline business operations

Our solution lets you reduce integration costs, meet industry standards for compliance, automate processes and free up resources.


Secure your brand reputation

We protect your brand from potential reputational damage following attacks and fraud.



The features usually found in vertical solutions are brought together in one product, our Cognitive Security Platform®. Activate the functionality you need at your convenience.


Unparalleled expertise

Our dedicated team of highly qualified anti-fraud experts has decades of industry experience in developing cybersecurity solutions and perfectly understands your problems and requirements.


Proprietary cognitive security

Our collective experience in cybersecurity is encoded into our products. We independently create our products, transferring our human skills to artificial intelligence to develop our solutions.


Omnichannel protection

We allow you to manage fraud affecting different banking channels from a single console, avoiding separate and vertical management.

Industries we serve

Financial Services​​

Financial services are high-value targets for cyber-criminals. End-user credentials, personal and business account data are the information needed to carry out fraud successfully. Banks are rapidly moving towards mobile services, balancing security and user experience and focusing on innovative functionalities.
Now more than ever, financial services need an advanced and powerful solution to detect and prevent fraud and threats successfully.

With the Cognitive Security Platform®, XTN Cognitive Security® comprehensively protects your digital services from fraud, delivering a fast return on investment and high operational efficiency.

Financial services industries


The evolution of the Fintech sector has also prompted evolution in financial services’ offering in both the consumer and B2B worlds.
Fintechs need to protect services against fraud and ensure compliance but also stay focused on their core business. The multiple features offered, the effective management combined with the agile integration and deployment (in particular SaaS), make XTN Cognitive Security® the ideal partner. 

XTN Cognitive security® has developed dedicated services available for Fintechs within the Cognitive Security Platform®.

industries fintech


The automotive industry is moving quickly towards vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure integrations to provide additional services to its customers.
Several automotive vendors distribute apps to their customers containing capabilities, such as opening vehicle doors, GPS localization access, consumption and usage monitoring, and access to some diagnostic capabilities. Fraudsters could potentially exploit these apps to gain access to a user’s car and track critical private information.

As XTN Cognitive security®, we believe preventing brand damage and ensuring trust is a pivotal goal. Our innovative In-App Protection solution can help automotive brands secure vehicle interactions.

Automotive industries


Fraud is not only a financial issue anymore but a real problem for all online services. Gaming and gambling services are interesting targets for fraud, such as Account Takeovers. In this scenario, fraudsters target personal information, withdrawing remaining funds or unique loyalty benefits from the victim’s account.

XTN Cognitive Security®’s holistic approach with behavioral biometric techniques can be extremely helpful in this scenario. Relying on an invisible evaluation flow can help identify suspicious user activity and step up authentication challenges when needed, preserving the user experience.

Gambling industries

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