A large european gambling group uses Behavioral Biometrics to 100% reduce fraud and threats

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A large European gambling company was experiencing Account Takeover attacks (ATO) on its digital services, meaning legitimate user accounts were stolen to exploit their games credits, profile, or payment method. It had come out as substantial reputational damage for the brand and severe economic damage for consumers. In addition, the client was suffering Coupon Fraud, seriously damaging new customers’ acquisition marketing campaigns. It means malicious users were registering various accounts to access multiple times the benefits offered to new members. Solving these critical issues means letting the client have comprehensive visibility about the users accessing the service. At that time, the company could not identify the users’ devices or how they were interacting with the service, both crucial aspects for highly securing the service itself.

Discover how we helped the client 100% reduce fraud and threats thanks to behavioral biometrics.

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