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Combine behavioral biometrics with identity proofing techniques to create strong and frictionless authentication.

For user authentication to be reliable, the environment in which it occurs should be protected. SA® (Smart Authentication) is the Identity Proofing functionality within the Cognitive Security Platform® that combines Behavioral Passive Biometrics features with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to deliver an omnichannel biometric customer authentication strategy.

Since the main challenge to Identity Proofing is to increase users’ security without degrading their user experience, we use
Behavioral Biometrics to keep the security level high without introducing user experience friction or requiring the adoption of dedicated hardware. Here’s how we deliver a robust security layer, frictionless user experience, and out-of-the-box integration with the client’s fraud prevention systems.

What is identity proofing?

Identity proofing is an approach for verifying and authenticating the identity of individuals accessing an application. It allows users to self-verify, making for a secure authentication process that doesn’t compromise user experience.

What is SCA?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a requirement of The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which asks businesses to use at least two authentication elements to verify digital payments. The point of this is to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.
SCA elements are:

  • Something only the user knows (password/PIN)
  • Something only the user possesses (card/OTP)
  • Something the user is (fingerprint/voice/face)


User friendly in identity proofing

User Friendly

Smoothest user experience for the end-user and best security and compliance level for the business.

Flexibility in identity proofing


Most advanced and smart risk-based authentication tool able to integrate with other existing systems.

In-app protection real time alerts

Real-time control

Real-time monitoring of risk related to using mobile devices as strong authentication tools.

In-app protection malware detection

Effective threat

Pre-emptive threat detection is automatically running while you focus on your business.

Identity proofing banking regulations

Banking regulations

Applies PSD2 compliance requirements to highly secure customer authentication.


SA® technology uses behavioral passive biometrics to make ongoing user identity decisions, assessing various signals in real-time.

Every authentication is closely linked to the data entered by the user. SA® is compliant with PSD2 requirements

The user doesn't need to enter the OTP code manually. Whenever possible, the app authenticates him via the data network.

Provisioning, verification, and revoking easy through a complete set of APIs.

Invisible authentication tokens running on every server interaction silently gather the data needed, relieving the user from entering data.

SA® supports multiple software tokens per device.

Unlock your software token using fingerprint or face recognition.

Unlock your software token using fingerprint or face recognition.


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