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Cookie Policy

Type of cookies used on this Website

The Cookies that this Website may use, as well as their nature, type, and purpose, are indicated in the following table.

In order to better understand the information, please note that:

  • technical cookies are generally:
    • browsing or session or security cookies, i.e. they ensure normal browsing and use of the website or ensure its security;
    • functionality cookies, i.e., they allow the User to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language) in order to improve the browsing experience;
  • analytic cookies have a various nature, technical or profiling, which depends on their setting and on the purposes pursued:


In relation to the use of such cookies, consent management techniques may be used to make it possible to separate cases where the consent is given, for purposes other than mere aggregate statistics, from those where consent is not given, for which only aggregate statistical purposes remain (such as Google Consent Mode or other technologies with similar purposes).

For any other information please refer to the terms of use of the provider of such cookies.

Technical cookies (being necessary for the operation of the Website), as well as analytical cookies considered technical under the conditions established in the Italian Data Protection Authority’s Guidelines (providing for forms of anonymization, avoiding cross-referencing of information and producing aggregate statistics) do not require consent since they are based on pre-contractual or contractual obligations (visit to the website). Where, however, the conditions of the Italian Data Protection Authority’s Guidelines for assimilation to technical cookies are not met, for instance because the use of analytics cookies is not limited to mere aggregate statistics, consent is in any case required.

  • profiling cookies (for example, preferences and marketing) can create profiles of the User or send communications in accordance to the preferences expressed by the same while browsing, or provide for the publication and display of personalized content, or pursue any other profiling purpose.


The installation of such cookies takes place with the User’s consent by means of specific commands.

For more information on Cookies please see and in particular the Italian Data Protection Authority’s Guidelines of 10 June 2021, published on 9 July 2021


Consent to use. Modification and Revocation of Consent

In accordance with the Guidelines of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 10 June 2021, published on 9 July 2021, the User gives his or her consent to the use of profiling cookies through the positive action manifested with the appropriate commands provided by the Cookie Banner displayed at the beginning of browsing, in particular by clicking on the OK, ACCEPT or similar button.

In any case, the User can manage the Modification and Revocation as easily and with the same tools with which he/she gave consent. In particular, for the Modification and Revocation of Consent, the User is invited to click on the cookie icon that appears on the screen.

The User may also continue without consent by clicking the X at the top of the Cookie Banner.


Checking and managing cookies with extensions or other tools

In any case, it is also possible to check, in real time, which cookies are used on the Website by means of simple and free of charge third-party services, tools or extensions of your browser.

On the Your Online Choices website, at /// you can receive information on the use of cookies and their blocking, especially in the case of third-party cookies.

Other tools also provide for the analysis of individual parts of the Website, to check which of them make use of cookies and which cookies in particular. We recommend this tool /// as an example.

Edit Cookies is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to check, analyze, manage, enable, disable cookies used on the Website: it can be installed at the following link


By using the Google Chrome browser, you can also inspect the presence of cookies by selecting the appropriate item that appears by right-clicking on the portion of the site of interest (“inspect element”). Using the same browser, you can finally click on the padlock next to the URL in the navigation bar and consult the Cookies section, also proceeding to remove Cookies with the “Remove” button.

In any case, Users are requested to check whether their browser provides other extensions or other tools for managing cookies (cookie managers or similar).


Managing cookies also from the browser settings

Additionally, the User can always disable the use of cookies through the settings of the browser used for browsing. However, if cookies are deactivated, some functions on the Website may be restricted and the overall experience may be affected.

For the User’s better information, please see the deactivation instructions of the main browsers:

Internet Explorer (Microsoft)

Microsoft Edge (Microsoft)

Firefox (Mozilla)

Safari (Apple)

Chrome (Google)


Other information

The Site is hosted on the WordPress and Hubspot platform: please see the privacy policy.

If the User uses any other external party service linked to this Website (whether media sharing or otherwise), he/she is kindly requested to look for the relevant privacy policy in the settings of the provider in question, possibly by searching for the specific explanation page on any search engine with the keyword “privacy … (provider name)”.


Data Controller, Data Subject’s rights and other information

For all other information pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR, please refer to the GDPR Privacy Notice published on this Website.