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We identify threats impossible for a human to detect.

SMASH® (Smart Anti-fraud Shield) is the Cognitive Security Platform®’s fraud protection functionality that recognize online banking and payment services users from their usual behavior. As an omnichannel, multi-layered anti-fraud solution, it uses machine-learning techniques and proprietary AI Algorithms to analyze and correlate in real-time hundreds of parameters determining a risk score for each critic phase of a digitals service.

Omnichannel Protection

We allow you to manage fraud affecting different banking channels from a single console, avoiding vertical management.
SMASH® is an omnichannel solution securing financial services’ multiple channels.

Financial services industries


SMASH® protects financial institutions against online banking fraud coming from phishing, account takeover, and financial malware.

Ecommerce fraud protection


The SMASH® for e-Commerce & POS feature monitors payments generated by POS, both physical and virtual (e-Commerce).

industries fintech


SMASH® collects and analyzes incoming payment from core banking systems to track and detect money mule activities.


SWIFT feature analyses critical SWIFT messages (M103 and M202) detecting suspicious payments.


Behavioral Analysis

User Behavior Analysis

Learn users’ behavior and identifies suspicious transactions.

Fraud in-app protection

App Protection

Detects malicious activity at the endpoint level for both web and movile devices.

Fraud protection kyc analysis

KYC Analysis

Identifies users based on passive biometrics analysis at the endpoint level.

Money mule hunting

Money Mule Detection

Detects mule activities and identifies already existing accounts’ flow anomalies.

Fraud protection psd2 compilance

PSD2 Compilance

Supports SCA requirements and Fraud Reporting Guidelines in the PSD2 context.

Application fraud protection

Application Fraud Protection

Protects online services from new accounts registration based on stolen identities.


Complete control of Policies & Rules

Fraud manager has complete control of policy and rules, with the chance to control the behavior of the SMASH® risk engine, tuning the rules in case of need and creating new rules based on its proper needs and business requirements.

Case Management

Integrated Case Management Framework. The workflow is defined based on the context’s typical fraud analysis process, and it is entirely configurable to meet any industry-specific need.


The Cognitive Security Platform then SMASH® supports multi-tenant features, providing the chance to apply different policies analyses to various legal entities or channels.

Output Action Engine

SMASH® provides an internal engine able to initialize output commands depending on specific events, such as transaction received, generation of the case, and case status update.

Integration via Rest APIs

Integration via REST APIs to retrieving in real-time SMASH® analysis results and to manage the suspicious transactions.

What-if Analysis tool

SMASH® provides a what-if analysis tool aimed to support Fraud Managers verifying the impact of a policy’s update before releasing it into the production environment.


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Cognitive Security Platform®

Omnichannel and behavioral-based antifraud platform