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The Cognitive Security Platform® (CSP) is a threat and omnichannel fraud protection solution designed to defend digital businesses, to minimize the risks associated with the provision of digital financial services (home banking and digital payments), and avoid any impact on user experience. We provide a fully packaged, out-of-the-box solution that is digital-ready and can be deployed at lightning-fast speed. 

What is unique about our platform?

Cognitive Security Platform®’s modularity lets you personally activate the functions you need to make your digital business safer. AI proprietary algorithms combined with behavioral biometrics and behavioral analysis provide a frictionless end-user experience while guaranteeing the highest level of security. We also allow you to implement anti-fraud strategies by protecting different channels. The omnichannel view lets you manage all fraud that could affect separate channels from a single console, avoiding vertical management.

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Functions typically managed individually by vertical products converge in the same solution to guarantee high efficiency and low CTO.



Our technology is invisible to the end-user and extremely flexible to match customer’s process requirements.

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To effectively fight digital fraud, autonomously decide which platform functions to use to fit your needs at best and let the countermeasures evolve or even anticipate the threats.


The users of an online financial service, such as home banking, want to carry out some operations using their device (PC, smartphone, or tablet).

Throughout the interaction with the online service, any of their actions are converted into information. This information is received by the Cognitive Security Platform®, which uses it to profile the user from a digital point of view (digital profiling).


The platform uses different indicators to create a digital profile. These indicators are divided into technological and behavioral and allow the Cognitive Security Platform® to outline a digital profile of the user.

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The tech indicators relate to the devices used to access the service. Sometimes those devices do not guarantee a sufficient level of security due to malware presence, misconfiguration, or application tampering. The XTN Cognitive Security Platform analyzes the service's perimeter and spots unreliable or dangerous conditions.

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Behavioral biometrics focuses on how the user physically interacts with the app and the device. Examples of behavioral biometrics indicators: typing, mouse movements, device handling, gait, velocity analysis are some of them.

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Behavioral analytics reveals insights into the behavior of consumers on digital services to recognize suspicious activities or untrustworthy customers applications. Examples of behavioral analytics indicators: fraud affinity, service interaction and velocity patterns.


The system will implement the appropriate actions based on the risk score level and the type of fraudulent phenomenon. 


Secure Your Customer

From “Know Your Customer” to “Secure Your Customer”. We help you make the distinction between fraudsters and genuine users. Behavioral algorithms let us know if a user is whom they claim to be. By securing your digital service, we also protect its users and, therefore, your customers.

Multilayer protection​

Implement anti-fraud strategies considering multiple levels (posture, identity and risk profiling) and multiple functions. Combines a wide range of anti-fraud features into a single product. Activate the functionality you need according to your circumstances. That way you can customize more easily, adapting our platform to your business without using any code.

Easy integration

The platform easily integrates with third-party or customized solutions pre-existing in the customer’s ecosystem.

Omnichannel protection

Implement antifraud strategies by protecting different channels. We allow you to manage all the frauds that affect different banking channels from a unique console, avoiding separate and vertical management.

Optimize Antifraud Operations

Activating functionalities depending on needs allows customers to achieve high operational efficiency and easy management. We provide a fully packaged, out-of-the-box solution that is digital-ready and can be deployed at a lightning-fast speed. This guarantees a tangible return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership.

Frictionless Customer Experience

Behavioral biometrics enables a reduction in customer friction during authentication while guaranteeing the highest security level.

Trust Your Digital User


Our motto, Trust Your Digital User, highlights our aim to prioritize verifying online services' user identity to avoid fraud and threats. Here is how our holistic and multi-level approach provides the highest security while maintaining a frictionless user experience



Our Behavioral In-App Protection solution (SEAP®) lets you keep your applications secure from the inside.
Our comprehensive and innovative vision considers APP hardening, behavioral analysis of the user who accesses the service, and the service itself.

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Our Smart Authentication solution (SA®) combines behavioral biometrics and multi-factor authentication (MFA). It provides a frictionless step-up authentication procedure that guarantees high-security levels, PSD2 compliance, and a fluid user experience.

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Our Fraud Protection solution (SMASH®) learns to recognize online banking and payment services users from their usual behavior. We use machine learning techniques and proprietary AI Algorithms to analyze and correlate hundreds of parameters determining a risk score for all tran- sactions in real-time.

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Cognitive Security

Cognitive Security is the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies modeled on human thought processes to detect security threats. Our analysts’ extensive cybersecurity experience has been digitized to replicate their thought processes and offer real-time, efficient, scalable, and accurate evaluation flows.

Cognitive Security

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a set of methods and techniques that let computers recognize patterns and trends and generate predictions since them. It is remarkably suited to fraud detection because it is fast, accurate, scalable, and efficient.
Machine Learning

Behavioral Biometrics

Behavioral Biometrics is the discipline of study related to uniquely identifying and measurable patterns in human activities. Behavioral Biometrics looks at who a user is as an authentication tool for returning customers. Since you already know your clients and their behavior, Behavioral Biometrics lets you evaluate if they are genuine users when logging in and using the service.

Behavioral biometrics

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis reveals insights into the behavior of consumers on digital services, looking at what they do, collecting their data, and then record their behaviors like patterns of use. The Cognitive Security Platform® intensively relies on behavioral analytics to recognize suspicious activities or untrustworthy customers applications.

Behavioral Analysis

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