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Market Overview

In recent years, Account Takeover Fraud has become one of the most common types of fraud worldwide, with attacks involving any organization providing credential-protected accounts to customers or employees. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach to fraud and they often target high-value accounts such as bank accounts and credit cards. In summary, Account Takeover Fraud continues to pose a growing threat to individuals and businesses. Early prevention and detection are essential to mitigate the effects of fraud and protect one’s accounts.

What is it?

Account Takeover Fraud aka ATO is a type of cybercrime in which a fraudster gains unauthorized access to a victim’s account, typically a financial account, an email account, or an e-commerce account. The fraudster may use a variety of techniques to obtain the victim’s login credentials, such as phishing emails, malware, or social engineering. Once the fraudster gains access to the victim’s account, they can use it to make unauthorized transactions, steal personal information, or commit other fraudulent activities.

How does it work?

Account Takeover Fraud works by a fraudster gaining access to a victim’s account, typically through stealing the victim’s login credentials or through exploiting vulnerabilities in the account’s security measures. The process of account takeover can involve several steps:

  • The fraudster identifies the victim’s account. Typically the target account has a high value or it can be used to access other accounts.
  • The fraudster obtains the victim’s login credentials. This can be done through various methods, such as phishing emails, malware, social engineering, or through exploiting vulnerabilities in the security measures of the account.
  • The fraudster gains access to the account and take control of it.
  • The fraudster uses the account to carry out fraudulent activities. This can include making unauthorized transactions, stealing personal information, or using the account to perpetrate other types of fraud.

The challenge

Account Takeover is a fast-growing and widespread fraud affecting any digital service with a customer-facing login. This means the danger is real for all industries, but the most targeted are financial services, PA, retail, gaming, and reward programs. Also, IT, HR, and management are the more attacked departments. There are several challenges associated with preventing and detecting account takeover fraud, including:

  • Complexity of attack methods: fraudsters use a wide range of tactics to obtain victims’ login credentials, making it challenging to identify and block all potential attack methods.
  • Increasing scale and frequency of attacks: Account Takeover Fraud is becoming more widespread and frequent, putting a strain on resources for fraud prevention and detection.
  • Need for timely and accurate detection: detecting ATO Fraud quickly is crucial to minimize the impact of the attack, but it can be challenging to identify fraudulent activity in real-time.
  • Account Takeover Fraud can cause significant financial and reputational damage to businesses, that’s why they should adopt sophisiticated behavioral-based antifraud solutions.

XTN: the unbeatable strategy against Account Takeover

XTN Cognitive Security® offers a comprehensive solution designed to help digital services prevent and detect Account Takeover Fraud. By automatically blocking abnormal logins and implementing additional verification measures when necessary, XTN Cognitive Security® ensures a secure environment for users. Our solution combines advanced machine learning techniques with behavioral insights and powerful device fingerprinting to analyze user behavior and assess the risk level. This allows us to provide a seamless user experience while effectively preventing fraud.

The XTN Account Takeover Fraud Protection solution covers the following main areas of analysis:

  • Behavioral biometrics: during login, we analyze user behavior to recognize any unauthorized access using the victim’s credentials.
  • Behavioral anomalies: we identify anomalies in payments compared to a user’s habits, such as the amount, operating hours, and geolocation
  • Identity anomalies: we identify if there is a new device interacting with the service.
  • Remote device control: we detect if the device is being remotely controlled, which is often an indicator of anomalies.


The XTN Cognitive Security Platform® detects any signs of fraudulent activity in real-time, providing comprehensive coverage against different types of ATO attacks, including:

  • Malware
  • Social Engineering Scams
  • Bot
  • Remote Access Tools
Business Risks

Consequences of Account Takeover can impact a digital business by:

• Credential damage
• Monetary losses
• Reputational and brand damage
• Loss of customer trust
• Phishing campaigns


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