Analyst Coverage & Awards - XTN Cognitive Security


Over the years, we have received several important awards and mentions from analysts, which we are pleased to share with you.​

Analyst Coverage

Gartner MAY 2024

Emerging Tech: GenAI Security Services for Online Fraud Prevention

Gartner FEBRUARY 2024

Emerging Tech: 5 Elements to Prevent Digital Commerce Fraud

Datos Insights DECEMBER 2023

Matrix: Behavioral Biometrics and Device Fingerprinting Solutions

Gartner OCTOBER 2023

Buyer’s Guide for Fraud Detection Technology in Banking

Gartner JANUARY 2022

Buyer’s Guide for Fraud Detection in Banking

Aite DECEMBER 2021

Trends in Fraud in the Digital Channel: Fraud Inc. Pivoting to Scams

Aite NOVEMBER 2021

Fraud in Commercial Banking: Keeping Pace With Attacks and Evolving Expectations

Gartner JULY 2021

Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection

Aite JUNE 2021

Fraud in Small-Business Lending, 2021: Lenders Under Attack Fight Back

Aite FEBRUARY 2021

Managing Lending Fraud: Digital Identity and Machine Learning Are Table Stakes

Aite DECEMBER 2020

Revisiting Your Authentication Control Framework

Aite NOVEMBER 2020

Application Fraud: Accelerating Attacks and Compelling Investment Opportunities

Aite AUGUST 2020

The Bullseye on the Financial Transaction: Keeping the Fraudsters at Bay

Gartner JULY 2020

Avoid Mobile Application Security Pitfalls

Aite JULY 2020

The Digital Channel Under Attack: How to Protect Yourself and Your Customers

Gartner MAY 2020

Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection


The EPA’s Guidebook to Digital Identification and Authentication

Gartner JULY 2019

Market Guide for In-App Protection

Maximize Market Research Pvt. Ltd. JULY 2019

Global Threat Intelligence Security Market Analysis and Forecast 2018-2026

Gartner APRIL 2019

Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection

Advance Market Analytics APRIL 2019

Behavioural Biometrics Global Market Outlook to 2025

Markets And Markets AUGUST 2018

Behavioural Biometrics Market Global Forecast to 2023

Markets And Markets MAY 2018

Cognitive Security Market Global Forecast to 2023


Top InfoSec Innovator Awards

Most Innovative in Account Takeover Protection

Global InfoSec Awards 2023

User Behavior Analytics

Global InfoSec Awards 2022

Account Takeover Protection

Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards 2022

Behavior Analytics, Threat Detection, and Fraud Prevention

Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2022

Fraud Protection

Tech Ascension Awards 2021

Most Innovative Fraud Prevention Solution

Global InfoSec Awards 2021

Best Product in Fraud Prevention

Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards 2021

Behavior Analytics, Threat Detection, and Fraud Prevention

Info Security PG’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards

Company of the Year | Artificial Intelligence in Security

InfoSec Awards 2020

Market Leader Application Security
Market Leader Biometrics

Cyber Defense Global Awards 2019

Best Product Application Security
Best Product Fraud Prevention
Best Product Anti-Malware

Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2019

Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company
Advanced Persistent Threat Protection (APT)
Endpoint Detection and Response
Managed Security Service
Multi-Factor Authentication
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

InfoSec Awards 2019

Hot Company Application Security
Publisher’s Choice Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Hot Company Fraud Prevention

Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2018

Mobile Application Security – MORE – Mobile Operative Risk Evaluator

InfoSec Awards 2018

Most Innovative – Application Security

Cyber Defense Global Awards 2018

Best Product Mobile Endpoint Security
Hot Company Application Security
Next Gen Fraud Prevention

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