Threat and Fraud Use Cases - XTN Cognitive Security


Pinpoint the threats attacking your business and discover how we can help.

Account takeover protection

Account Takeover Protection

Protect your users’ accounts while maintaining a frictionless journey.

Application fraud protection

New Account Fraud Protection

Stop fraud during the opening process of new accounts.

Financial fraud protection

Payment Fraud Protection

Successfully combat payment fraud thanks to an omnichannel approach to protection.

Money mule hunting

Money Mule Hunting

Respond in real-time to the money mule threat, minimizing the fraud analyst’s manual activity.

Social Engineering Scams Protection

Defeat frauds resulting from Social Engineering Scams with user behavior analysis and a multi-layered approach.

Bot Attacks Protection

Defend your business from Bot Attacks with XTN's powerful Behavioral Analysis technology.

Financial malware protection

Financial Malware Protection

Protect your sensitive digital services from becoming malware campaign targets.

Policy Abuse Protection

Safeguarding against Policy Abuse with behavioral biometrics.

Ecommerce fraud protection

eCommerce Fraud Protection

We spot fraudulent activity monitoring your customers’ digital profiles.

Stop fraud, not customers!

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