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XTN Cognitive Security® & NuCorp

XTN Cognitive Security® has entered into a Partnership Agreement with NuCorp.
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Milan, August 1, 2022

XTN Cognitive Security®, the Behavioral-based Threat and Omnichannel Fraud Protection solutions provider, has entered into a Partnership Agreement with NuCorp, a digital tech organization specialized in developing digital solutions that help organizations do better business in South Africa.

Combining NuCorp’s relationships and consultancy expertise with the power of the XTN Cognitive Security Platform® will enable the protection of digital services from threats and fraud.

We are glad to announce our partnership with NuCorp. The XTN Cognitive Security Platform® meets and anticipates the needs of organizations offering digital services to consumers. It’s able to adapt quickly to the changing threat landscape, using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavioral Biometrics,” said Davide Fania, Managing Director of XTN.” Starting today, our Cognitive Security Platform® will be tried and tested by Banks, Financial Services Institutions, and other organizations offering Digital Services in South African regions. It will also provide businesses with a cost-effective and operationally efficient way to protect themselves and empower them to trust their digital users.

We are excited to be working with XTN Cognitive Security® to provide innovative, cutting-edge solutions for businesses to prevent fraud and counter other cyber threats. At NuCorp, we believe in a customer excellence approach: we do our best for our clients. We believe in investing in out-of-the-box ideas and in continuous improvement – our roadmap to success,” said Brian Scoble, Vice President of NuCorp.


NuCorp exists to understand its clients’ needs, solve their critical issues, and achieve excellence in the partnerships created. Our unique approach is what differentiates us and what makes us successful, providing a broad range of essential services and solutions to help organizations refocusing their attention to Business growth. NuCorp is more than the average service provider – it is your to-go partner.
For more information, please visit www.nucorp.com


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