XTN Partners with STOPSO to Fight Fraud in the United States

XTN Cognitive Security®has entered into a Partnership Agreement with Strategic Operational Solutions Inc. (STOPSO).
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XTN Cognitive Security®, the Italian provider of Advanced Behaviour-based Fraud protection solutions, has entered into a Partnership Agreement with Strategic Operational Solutions Inc. (STOPSO), a leading IT strategy and management consulting firm, to deliver Fraud Risk Management capabilities to the US Market, with a focus on Local, State and Federal Government.

XTN’s Cognitive Security Platform® uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable a proactive approach to managing Fraud Risk. This technology, combined with expert Services from STOPSO like Implementation and Incident Response, will help Government entities to uncover massive cost savings in the form of improved operational efficiency, Fraud prevention and Fraud loss reduction.

“XTN landed in the USA in mid-2018, and now we are excited to announce our first US Partner, Strategic Operational Solutions Inc (STOPSO). For those organizations looking to deliver a better user experience and improve the security posture of their customers and services, this represents a tremendous opportunity. Our advanced behavioural-based technology, combined with STOPSO’s expertise, will provide companies with a comprehensive fraud protection platform. Our solutions enable rapid adaptation to quick-changing fraud trends, significantly reducing risk around customer-centric services. We believe it’s imperative to deliver a frictionless solution where artificial intelligence is supported by machine learning algorithms and behavioural analysis to provide real-time profiling of user risk.”
Davide Fania, President
, XTN Cognitive Security

“As one of the most competitive and fastest growing IT contractors to the federal government, our clients are amongst the most actively targeted in the world. By adding deployment and support of the XTN Cognitive Security Platform® to our mature cyber practice, we provide the most comprehensive defense for remote and mobile operations”. STOPSOLeadership

Founded in 2006 STOPSO is an IT strategy and management consulting firm that work to define client’s strategic goals, enhance operational capabilities and empower them with transformational solutions.
For more information please visit stopso.com


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