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What is Behavioral-based In-App Protection?

The In-App Protection is a security solution implemented within the application to make it more resistant to threats.
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The In-App Protection is a security solution implemented within the application (instead of the network or the operating system, for example) to make the application more resistant to attacks such as malicious data exfiltration, intrusion, tampering, and reverse engineering. Enterprises use In-App Protection to safeguard their software-based assets and protect their organization and customers from fraudulent attacks (source Gartner).


When you distribute a security-critical app to the consumer or to enterprise users, you want to be sure that it cannot be attacked to steal data. To do that, you should put some technology inside the app to protect the app itself and report to you if something goes wrong.


  • Multiple threats detection: ranging from malware presence up to misconfiguration of security conditions inside the endpoint. It provides runtime detection, evaluation, and reporting.
  • Countermeasures: it provides active and configurable countermeasures within the application that will prevent your app from working in certain conditions.
  • Obfuscation and encryption: it implements obfuscation and encryption functionalities to protect the app’s assets from reverse engineering attempts (even if it is not running).


At XTN, we have designed a Behavioral In-App Protection solution that extends antifraud controls at the endpoint level for both web and mobile channels. Using Artificial Intelligence in the process of threat detection, we deliver intelligent tools to protect your mobile service.

Traditional In-App technologies often provide detection but do not consider the evaluation and reporting that actually are the most strategical aspects in protecting the app. Threats are not white or black conditions and require intelligent processes to be recognized. Reporting is a preliminary condition to trust the effectiveness of the countermeasure.

Our Behavioral In-App Protection Solution collects information and identifies security threats by analyzing the context, user interaction with the device, and the environment with the monitored application where it is running. Then information builds risk-driven reaction flows originating at the server-side, where the trust should be.

The unprecedented accuracy in spotting endpoint related risks is made possible by behavioral biometrics‘s continuous evaluation. The solution can detect technological threats like mobile malware, financial fraud, account takeover, system misconfiguration, injections, and identity anomalies.

Behavioral In-App Protection lets you secure your high-value APP against fraud, data leakage, tampering, and security threats. Ask for a Free Trial!


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