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Fraud Detection: changing the point of view

Revisiting fraud prevention processes to cover different needs quickly and efficiently is mandatory for every digital business.
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Written by Guido Ronchetti, CTO at XTN Cognitive Security®

Digital services offering is daily growing and evolving.
In the last few years, we have seen more and more online services crossing boundaries between industries and use cases. It’s now usual to rely on banking apps to buy goods and services, deal with e-wallets on gambling platforms, or eCommerce that deals with PSD2 strong customer authentication exceptions. Also, services are provided through multiple channels like mobile apps, web apps, chatbots, and smart TVs, to name a few.

The new context requires revisiting fraud prevention processes to quickly and efficiently cover different needs. Antifraud tools should be flexible and highly automated to correctly manage all those entry points, needs, and data volumes.

As XTN Cognitive Security®, we know the challenges of creating a fraud strategy and selecting the appropriate vendor. Also, the overall approach of deploying several fraud detection solutions for different products and event types is not helping Security and Risk Management leaders gain the best ROI and fraud management. We strongly highlight the importance of consolidating fraud detection across products and channels. A single, holistic platform that detects fraud and threats cross-channel lets you manage all incoming fraud avoiding siloed management.

The XTN Cognitive Security Platform® was designed to provide a holistic fraud protection solution. The platform can receive different data flows from various channels and offer a flexible risk evaluation engine configurable to cross-channel work. Thanks to its flexibility, the platform can cover several use cases in a unique environment, typically associated with different industries. Ranging from Account Takeover to Coupon Fraud, from Payment Fraud to Application Fraud, from Malware protection to Credit Card and PoS fraud, the XTN Cognitive Security Platform® offers a unique integrated solution offering multiple capabilities. From a ROI perspective, it minimizes fraud-generated losses, reduces integration and maintenance costs, automizes manual analysis and reporting, and complies with Payment regulations.

Also, Gartner is providing help in choosing the best product for your business with the Security and Risk Management Leaders’ Guide to Online Fraud Detection and Identity Proofing. Submit the form for complimentary access.


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