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The secret to successful In-App Protection

A successful In-App Protection solution is equipped with sophisticated AI and ML algorithms that look at end-users behavioral habits.
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In 2014 we as XTN Cognitive Security® started developing new features to protect digital services apps from fraud. From our perspective, protecting the service’s end-users was crucial to preserve the service itself from attackers.

Seven years later, social engineering campaigns such as phishing and smishing still claim victims because unwary and inexperienced end-users continue to be the weakest element of the digital service and the entry point for the fraudster to sneak in stealing data and money.

Looking back, we should say that in 2014 some solutions were partially satisfying the needs mentioned above. Still today, the same solutions are not aligned with technological evolution, offering limited features and invasive deployment methods mainly designed for an off-line and client-based environment.

Here’s how our In-App Protection solution named SEAP® (Smart Endpoint Application Protection) entered the game to be disruptive compared to the market solutions. It wasn’t a stand-alone application but a system that involved deploying a harmless agent in the app and server-side management and analysis.

From the beginning, our architecture has guaranteed centralized management of all product features. It also provided the ability to activate or deactivate features on the fly or react to new threats in real-time without requiring changes to the client component (the app used by end-users to interact with the digital service). Most important, SEAP® was equipped with sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms that look at end-users behavioral habits allowing very high effectiveness in identifying security threats. The system aims to identify threats by analyzing the user interaction with the device and the environment within the application. It supports different detection features such as technological threats and identity anomalies. Here’s why we named it Behavioral In-App Protection.

SEAP® Behavioral In-App Protection is a SaaS service, easy to deploy, and made for any organization, enterprise or not. It is also an XTN Cognitive Security Platform® functionality included within the entire platform purchase.

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