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Smartphone: An Extension Of Ourselves

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Every smartphone knows more about us, than what we know about it.

It’s able to know where users have been, thanks to the GPS data, with whom and for how long, the birthdays of all acquaintances. Also, smartphones are in constant contact with the bank details, the company account, data relating to health, the payment information, private messages, photos and any other highly sensitive data.

“The phone device knows enough data to build a virtual clone of every person, both in private life, that the professional life” said Elad Yoran of Koolspan Inc.,“The majority of users sensitive data, especially username and password, is stored in the devices in a not-encrypted way, which means that all information is at hand in case of attack.”.

Finally, the increasing number of information collected about each user by their mobile device, is a runaway growth, without any certainty of security.


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