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Webinar | Cybersecurity: Improving Awareness

Securefort Ghana presents a free webinar about bringing cybersecurity awareness to Financial, Telecoms institutions, and SMEs.
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Securefort Ghana presents a free webinar about bringing cybersecurity awareness to Financial, Telecoms institutions, and SMEs. The discussion will be around how to protect themselves better, improve compliance amidst the backdrop of increased IT complexity, and cyber threats sophistication.

XTN will take part in the webinar to discuss how to protect your online services from fraud. The main theme of the speech will be Account Takeover, one of the most common forms of identity theft and fraud. In this scenario, an attacker can take complete control of the victim’s account.
Often the ATOs are the result of data breaches, phishing, or overlay attacks accomplished. The main targets are accounts with some value for the attacker, such as banking credentials, payment systems, or services such to which a credit card or e-commerce sites are associated. XTN will explain how to protect your digital business from ATO.


Agenda (Tuesday 25th August – 11 am GMT)

  • Information Security Management Systems – Samuel Gaisie, CTO Securefort Ghana
  • Account Takeover. The Biggest Threat to Digital Services – Guido Ronchetti, CTO XTN Cognitive Security


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