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LIVE WEBINAR | AML and Fraud Convergence

Unlocking trends and challenges.
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How can the technologies and functionalities of fraud detection be beneficial for AML solutions?

Join us on April 18, 2024 at 11 AM CET.

The world of AML is undergoing a significant transformation, increasingly merging with the fraud detection domain, fueling fusion between teams and technologies. This change is driven by the need to tackle AML’s complex challenges, such as money mule in real-time, along with enhanced regulatory oversight and growing collaboration among industry stakeholders. The webinar will delve into insights and perspectives on the trends and challenges banks face in this scenario, with the participation of two exceptional guests.

Pete Redshaw, Analyst VP – Global Financial Services at Gartner®, will provide an insightful overview of the current state-of-the-art of AML solutions and explore challenges and trends shaping the industry’s landscape.

XTN Cognitive Security CTO, Guido Ronchetti, will offer the company’s standpoint on the convergence of AML and fraud, showcasing its significant relevance and how XTN capabilities are specifically designed to amplify this convergence.

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