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A Challenger Bank achieved 90% reduction of fake profiles to onboarding

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The Client is a fast-growing Challenger Bank that operates exclusively via mobile applications, providing retail banking services and on-top value-added banking services.
As often happens for startups, the initial focus was to set up simple mechanisms to tempt new users to join the service. Over time the number of users has grown significantly, and the fintech had to implement security tools to protect the service and its end-users. However, the protection wasn’t enough since security issues were coming out involving the mobile app. The digital service suffered from Coupon Fraud, lack of end-user security posture info, and compliance issues. They mostly needed a solution capable of providing helpful information about the end-user and its device. Essential requirements were integrating with the already-in-place transaction monitoring tool, systems programmatic interfaces, and a unique console to let the contact center investigate user circumstances.

Discover how we helped the challenger bank get rid of Coupon Fraud, generate immediate ROI, and grow its customer base by 200%.

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