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Account Takeover in Gaming and Gambling

Account Takeover is attacking the gaming and gambling sectors. Learn how to prevent it.
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One of today’s biggest challenges for online services is preventing Account Takeover, also known as ATO. It’s not only a financial issue anymore but a real problem for all online services. For example, Gaming and Gambling services are interesting targets for ATO fraud, and attacks toward them are quickly growing globally. In this scenario, fraudsters are targeting personal information, withdraw remaining funds or unique loyalty benefits from the victim’s account.

One effective way to deal with Account Takeover is to enforce multi-factor authentication. Anyhow, Gaming and Gambling services are often very concerned about user experience impacts. One of the critical features for their sites or apps is providing a smooth and easy access flow. That’s why having a generalized multi-factor authentication step in place can discourage several users from accessing the service.

How to prevent ATO attacks from succeeding considering those constraints? Behavioral Biometrics can be extremely helpful in this scenario. Relying on an invisible evaluation flow can help identify suspicious user activity and step-up authentication challenges when needed, preserving the user experience.

At XTN Cognitive Security®, we have designed the Cognitive Security Platform with Account Takeover protection in mind. Our approach is unique due to a holistic view, corroborating the endpoint and user identity with behavioral biometrics and behavioral analytics.

XTN Cognitive Security Platform® lets you secure your high-value online services against Account Takeover attacks. Get started!


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