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XTN mentioned in Gartner Report Emerging Tech: 5 Elements to Prevent Digital Commerce Fraud

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In the evolving digital commerce landscape, organizations encounter increasingly sophisticated online fraud methods. To effectively combat this threat, product leaders must refine offerings around fraud intelligence, account takeover, business logic abuse, marketplace collusion, and postpayment activities.

Gartner’s analyst Dan Ayoub addresses the significance of adapting to evolving fraud tactics in his latest research Emerging Tech: 5 Elements to Prevent Digital Commerce Fraud, outlining five key practices to tackle these challenges effectively amidst the $48 billion online fraud threat faced by retailers in 2023.

We’re glad to acknowledge that XTN Cognitive Security® is featured in the report as a representative vendor in the Account Takeover Prevention space. Indeed, one of the issues investigated by the research is the still high rate of Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud, which remains one of the top vectors for perpetrating online fraud. Digital service providers are apprehensive about adding friction to the user journey and potentially losing customers. However, an optimal strategy against ATO does exist, which includes leveraging behavioral insights and robust device fingerprinting to analyze user behavior and evaluate the risk level. At XTN, we offer a comprehensive solution to assist digital services in preventing and detecting Account Takeover Fraud. Through automatic blocking of abnormal logins and implementing additional verification measures when needed, XTN Cognitive Security® ensures a secure environment for users, providing a seamless experience while effectively thwarting fraud.

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*Emerging Tech: 5 Elements to Prevent Digital Commerce Fraud, Dan Ayoub, 15 February 2024.


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