XTN mentioned in the AITE's report "Revisiting Your Authentication Control Framework" - XTN Cognitive Security

XTN mentioned in the AITE’s report “Revisiting Your Authentication Control Framework”

XTN has been mentioned in the AITE Group newly report Managing Lending Fraud: Digital Identity and Machine Learning Are Table Stakes.
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XTN has been mentioned in the AITE Group’s report Revisiting Your Authentication Control Framework.
Financial institutions, fintech firms, and merchants need to take a step back and review their authentication control framework if it has been a few years since that framework was last reviewed. But defining a control framework for authentication should not be taken lightly. A company’s reputation and financial health are at risk, not to mention the risks to consumers.

This report is for companies who interact with customers in non-face-to-face channels such as online, mobile, and call centers. It exposes the shortcomings and challenges of common but outdated identity proofing and customer authentication processes and solutions, and defines a framework for modernizing them. It draws upon information gathered from industry research, numerous briefings with global industry players, and standards organizations in various parts of the world. It is also based on guest author Ken Palla’s 15 years of experience managing online security threat analysis and implementing solutions.

AITE lists XTN Cognitive Security® as a Device Fingerprinting Solution Provider and Behavioral Biometric Solution Provider.

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