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What is Connected Car Fraud?

If a car mobile app has vulnerabilities, hackers can exploit it and severely threaten the driver's safety. Discover how XTN can help.
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The automotive industry is increasingly distributing mobile apps to their customers containing capabilities such as opening vehicle doors, GPS localization access, consumption and usage monitoring, and access to some diagnostic capabilities. But, the use of mobile applications to interact with the vehicle provides a dangerous attack vector. If the app has vulnerabilities, hackers can exploit it to gain access to user’s private information. Considering 100% of new vehicles will be connected by 2026, the number of fraud cases is only set to rise.

What kind of functionalities are delivered with cars’ mobile apps?

  • Car GPS localization
  • Doors unlocking
  • Engine starting capabilities
  • General status monitoring

What actions can the fraudster take? He exploits app vulnerabilities to:

  • Open the car doors
  • Start the engine
  • Intercept network communications
  • Take control of the user’s car


Considering smart cities are including connected vehicles in their future transportation plan, mobile apps for cars will increase significantly in the coming years. It is then crucial to protect all the actors involved in the connected vehicle environment to prevent dangerous consequences for the end user’s safety and the car vendor’s reputation.


The XTN Cognitive Security Platform® provides continuous and real-time monitoring based on behavioral-biometrics techniques and proprietary AI algorithms. It brings cutting-edge in-app protection, extending anti-fraud controls at the endpoint level for both web and mobile channels.

Our solution collects information and identifies security threats by analyzing the context, the user interaction with the device, and the environment within the application. It also provides a detailed risk evaluation for each event produced by the vehicle interacting with the mobile app. Having this information in real-time, the automotive vendor can dynamically define the proper reaction.


  • Optimize the security posture of mobile apps;
  • Securely identify the legitimate user and prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle;
  • Completely automate the evaluation and countermeasures flow;
  • Concisely communicate specific security risks to end-users;
  • Prevent data loss.

XTN Cognitive Security Platform® lets you secure your high-value online services against Connected Car Fraud. Get started!


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