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Put an end to banking customer loss from New Account Fraud!

As banks strive to enhance security measures, the impact of New Account Fraud on customer acquisition is undeniable.
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New Account Fraud, also known as Application Fraud, is a pervasive challenge in the financial sector that is causing a significant loss of potential customers for banks that are not preventing the threat. As indicated by Datos Insights in 2023, Application Fraud attack rates will likely remain a top concern for fraud executives and consumers alike. This form of fraud occurs when individuals use false identities to open new bank accounts, exploiting vulnerabilities in the onboarding process. As banks strive to enhance security measures, the impact of new account fraud on customer acquisition is undeniable. Addressing New Account Fraud is not only essential for safeguarding trust but also pivotal in enabling financial institutions to reinvigorate customer growth amid evolving digital threats.

New Account Fraud not only poses a threat to individuals’ financial security but also extends its reach into facilitating Money Mule activities. In this scenario, fraudsters exploit the newly opened accounts to serve as conduits for the movement of illicit funds. Money Mules, often unsuspecting individuals recruited by fraudsters, play a crucial role in the money laundering process. By leveraging accounts obtained through New Account Fraud, criminals can obfuscate the trail of illegal transactions, making it more challenging for authorities to trace and prevent fraudulent activities. This interconnected nature of New Account Fraud and Money Mule activities underscores the importance of comprehensive measures in combating financial crimes and protecting both individuals and the integrity of the financial system.

If a bank aims to sustain or enhance its customer growth, it must prioritize safeguarding the onboarding process. This is because the marketing efforts invested in acquisition campaigns not only need to yield results but also avoid becoming counterproductive, turning customer acquisition campaigns into fraudster acquisition campaigns.

How should a bank act, then? Primarily by implementing an anti-fraud system that incorporates machine learning coupled with behavioral biometrics and analysis. Protecting the account opening procedure within digital services requires a comprehensive approach that considers user information, biometric behavior, and device fingerprints. This ensures that the bank not only retains the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives but also prevents potential setbacks, positioning it well for sustained and successful customer acquisition efforts.

XTN Cognitive Security® has been providing robust solutions for preventing New Account Fraud from happening at onboarding, supporting businesses across various industries in combating fraud associated with new account openings in their digital services.

By analyzing user behavior in real-time during the account creation process, XTN’s solution can identify and detect fraudulent activities that traditional identity verification methods may overlook. This advanced approach adds an enhanced security layer, ensuring businesses can protect their customers and mitigate the risks associated with New Account Fraud.

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