IFC 2020 | IV Congreso de Informática Forense & Ciberseguridad

XTN will take part in IFC 2020, IV Congreso de Informática Forense & Ciberseguridad.
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Permanent changes in commercial, geopolitical, social, economic, and technological tensions frequently make human beings and companies establish strategies to identify and address the new emerging forces in the digital context that can alter the stability of their environment or particular situation. In this sense, IFC forum seeks to understand the characteristics of organizations’ digitally resilient architectures, where the challenge is not invulnerability, but rather the development of the ability to defend and anticipate through the signals, rarities, and contradictions of the dynamics typical of a society increasingly digitally modified.

IFC 2020, IV Congreso de Informática Forense & Ciberseguridad will be held virtually from 6 to 15 August.

XTN will take part in the event to discuss how to protect online services from fraud. The main theme of the speech will be Account Takeover, one of the most common forms of identity theft and fraud. In this scenario, an attacker can take complete control of the victim’s account.

If you are interested in participating visit the link.


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