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Create Trust and Safety on the Internet

A frictionless customer journey guarantees a reliable and safe environment. Get help with Gartner®'s report.
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Fraud and security threats are increasingly pervasive across all types of digital businesses and industries.
The theme, which has been central for years, has never lost its urgency and importance, but it needs to change the point of view.

The concept of fraud prevention has always had a close relationship with limiting as much as possible the loss. The fraud leaders mainly focus on avoiding losses to their organizations. But does it still make sense?

The Gartner® report warns fraud leaders about the need for a change in the anti-fraud approach. Shifting attention from preventing corporate losses to securing end-users of their services is the new challenge.
Looking at risk from a customer-centric perspective allows building a long-lasting and effective security strategy aligned with business goals.

As XTN Cognitive Security®, we have always been focused on protecting end-users. Concentrating on creating a frictionless customer journey also guarantees a reliable and safe environment. We also believe that the adoption of behavioral biometrics measures is essential.

Download the report and read more Gartner recommendations on creating a trusty environment.



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