Cyber Defense Magazine Nominated XTN Cognitive Security Most Innovative in Application Security - XTN Cognitive Security

Cyber Defense Magazine Nominated XTN Cognitive Security Most Innovative in Application Security

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San Francisco, CA – April 16th, 2018

Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry leading electronic information security magazine, has honoured XTN Cognitive Security in its 2018 Infosec Awards. XTN Cognitive Security was nominated the most innovative for its capabilities in application security.

“We are so excited to be winners of Cyber Defense Magazine’s InfoSec Awards” said Paolo Pittarello, founder and CEO of XTN Cognitive Security. “This award is the proof of the value and innovation we bring to our customers. Also, it enhances our position as a market reality in finding and preventing security vulnerabilities.”

Finalists were selected from a global pool of 3,000 companies who create the most respected information security products and services. Cyber Defense Magazine’s panel of judges consists of CISSP, FMDHS, CEH, and certified security professionals who voted based on an independent review of companies and searched for the more innovative companies with new and unique technologies.

XTN Cognitive Security received the award for driving innovation in application security through advanced behavioural fraud prevention technologies integrated into its security platform. It enables an all-round approach to fraud prevention which guarantees identity management using sophisticated non-invasive biometric techniques (frictionless).

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About XTN Cognitive Security

Since 2014 XTN® was a company focused on the development of security, Fraud and Mobile Threat Prevention advanced behaviour-based solutions. In 2016 was released its first solutions focused on protection of financial transactions.

Since its inception XTN® has significantly invested in R&D activities thus earning and improving competencies in developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions.

Thanks to the constantly research and study of cybercrime attempts, XTN® designs innovative technologies which allows companies and institutions to protect their business and their customer’s sensible data.


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